Terms and Conditions

  • If your child is going to be away we do ask that you please let us know beforehand.
  • Art Smart for Kids is entitled entirely at its discretion, to refuse entry or to eject from the studio premise anyone on any of the following grounds (this list is non-exhaustive):
    • Non-payment
    • Creating undue disruption and/or disturbance during class
    • Bullying
    • Disrespecting Art Smart property and school property
    • Failure/Refusal to disclose required and important information concerning a child’s health that could affect their safety during the class
  • You give us permission to post images of the children’s artwork on social media platforms unless you specifically ask us not to. We will never post photos of their faces without your express permission.
  • If you know before the start of the term that your child is going to be away and notify us we will amend the invoice. There are no refunds for lessons missed unless notified before term commencement.

Classes Online

  • It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children arrive on time to the virtual class.
  • Parents must make sure their child is wearing old clothes during the class or an art smock and have a small drop sheet under the space that they are working.
  • We will instruct, advise and remind the students that they must be careful and clean up, however, Art Smart is not responsible for any damage done to a child’s clothing or surroundings due to the activities. It is the parent’s responsibility to oversee this.
  • If a child misses a class they can do a catch-up class via a recording of the lesson
  • You give us permission to record the lesson and allow children who have missed classes due to illness and unforeseen circumstances to watch the lesson. They will receive a link to the video that will expire in a day. The children are also welcome to join one of our other sessions to catch up.

Classes On Campus

  • Please keep us notified of any allergies, or medical conditions your child may have and any changes to these conditions. We share a packet of biscuits at the start of the class. If your child suffers from allergies, please ensure that it is safe for them to eat them, and notify us if they can’t.
  • Late pick up incurs a $10 charge for every extra 15 minutes late.
  • Please note that it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child gets to the class safely. For the children who attend the school where the class is held and go directly to the art class at the end of school, we find that the children happily make their own way there. But if for any reason you are uncertain they can safely do so, then please organise for someone to take them, or ask their class teacher to remind them.
  • The students need to be signed out at the end of the class as well when you pick them up.
  • The teachers mark the roll on an App on their phone, so we always have a record of who has attended. Parents do not need to sign the children in. They do, however, need to sign them out at the end of the class, so that we know they have been collected safely and by whom.