Our online art classes for kids - they're fantastic!

So what about our online art classes for children makes them fantastic?

We strive to make sure your child’s creativity is nurtured and developed in a fun and safe environment.

Started by award-winning artist Jaq Grantford (www.jaqgrantford.com), Art Smart has been inspiring children for the last ten years. Initially, the classes began at school locations after school.

And now they’re online!

  • Brilliant artists and instructors take the classes in real-time on Zoom.
  • We make life easy for arty kids, so they have every opportunity to explore their creativity.
  • The classes run from the comfort of your own home via a secure virtual classroom.
  • They run on a term basis, but you can come any time during the term. And the price is adjusted accordingly.
  • We want our online art classes for kids to be something joyous for you every week. So… we have a few fun things in place to make sure that happens.
  • Our fabulous teachers ask the kids to pack up and not leave a mess for you – we give certificates out at the end of the term to kids who help you out by putting things away.
  • We organise term plans that work in a home environment and use materials that are easy to source and affordable. Most of the supplies you’ll already have at home. And if not it’s just a small online order.
    And the children get so excited about having their art supplies!
  • Our teachers are gorgeous. And it’s a brilliant way for your children to meet other kids in a safe and secure platform that is super arty.

Online Art cLasses for kids

Art Smart was started by artist Jaq Grantford