affordable art classes

Affordable Art Classes

Our affordable art classes run for an hour and occur at the same time every week. This way, the children can work through a curriculum and develop their skills.

Each class costs $12.50 (excluding GST), and the price will vary depending on the number of weeks in the term.

If you miss the start of the term, you can still start midway, and the price will be adjusted accordingly – yay!

The first class is free for new students. Just use the coupon code FREECLASS when you enrol, and the price of the first class will be taken off.

If you know that you’re going to be missing classes in advance let us know and we can enrol you at the adjusted amount. Just shoot an email through to [email protected]

You will need to supply art materials for your child, but we keep what is required very affordable. We try to make it so that the materials needed for each term come either from what you would already have at home or a single small online order.

If you want to buy higher-quality artist materials, (especially if you are in the Art Play for Adults class) you are most welcome. But we leave that up to each individual student.

And the kids get so excited about having their art supplies!

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